Darning: Repair Make Mend book by Hikaru Noguchi

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This book is a modern, colourful celebration of darning by renowned knitwear designer and mender Hikaru Noguchi, with gorgeous examples covering a range of applications.

It's the only book devoted entirely to darning techniques. If you've read Modern Mending and you're keen to learn more about darning, this is the book you need.

Before this English-language edition existed, I used to take the original Japanese edition to my mending classes to show students, as the photography alone was enough to inspire them and spark ideas. But now English speakers can read it, too, without having to translate. Hooray!

This book is suitable for beginners and more adventurous menders. Over 96 pages you'll find:

  • Step-by-step photographs and instructions for 12 different mending techniques: seed stitch, square darning, reversible darns, seed and square darns, triangular darns, English darning, accordion darning, appliqué, reverse appliqué, chain darning, honeycomb darning and tambourine darning
  • 63 inspirational examples, including sweaters, shirts, denim, items in the home and accessories such as scarves and bags

Published by Quickthorn in the UK.