Dylon S.O.S. Colour Run laundry aid

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Dylon S.O.S. Colour Run turns back the clock on most colour-run disasters, restoring fabrics to their former glory. We always have a box at home because we seem to have a few colour-run emergencies each year, and the more quickly you can treat them, the better your chance of successfully removing them. When I told my husband we were stocking this product for the shop, he said: “Does that mean we have to go to the store and buy it whenever someone orders it?” When I told him it meant that we were buying it in bulk and would always have multiple boxes of it in our house, he jumped for joy.


  • pH-balanced coloursafe formula
  • can be used to treat colours, white and delicates like wool and silk
  • suitable for washing machines or hand washing

Each cardboard box contains two sachets; use one sachet for hand washing or both sachets if machine washing.

NOTE: For best results treat colour runs when they are fresh if possible. Strong discolouration may need a second treatment.

Made in the EU.