Prym ergonomic mending needle with latch hook

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This mending needle is the perfect tool for fixing ladders (aka dropped knit stitches) in fine and medium-weight knitwear.

You don’t need a special needle to fix ladders – you could use a crochet hook – but the latch keeps the yarn or thread you’re mending more secure, which means less mending time, less frustration, and a smoother ladder-mending process (no need to remove the hook and reinsert at each row).

It also helps when you're mending a garment made from multi-stranded yarn, allowing you to more easily keep strands together when needed.


  • Small size is ideal for fixing ladders (dropped stitches) in fine and medium-weight knitwear, especially machine knits
  • Latch hook makes it easier to secure threads and prevent from dropping them while you work
  • Ergonomic design with anti-slip, soft surface
  • End cap can be used as a handle extension
  • Can be hung around your neck for safekeeping while you work
  • Can be used as a thread guide for overlocker threads

Designed in Germany, made in China and packaged in a cardboard and plastic blister pack by the manufacturer.

Want to see how it’s done? Modern Mending the book includes two pages of instructions (with photographs) for ladder repairs using a crochet hook, but it's even easier with a latch hook!

This video shows the Prym mending needle in action: