Prym snag wizard | extra-fine snag repair needle

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Snag repair needles are a huge time-saver. Instead of an eye, a snag repair needle has a rough textured end (similar to a metal file) that grabs snagged threads and pulls them through fabric to the other side where you won’t see them.

You don’t need a snag repair needle to fix snags – it’s possible to use a basic sewing needle with a few tips – but they’re handy to have if you:

  • are time-poor
  • wear jewellery that snags your clothing
  • have affectionate/excitable/destructive pets who snag your clothing and/or furniture
  • get tiny snags or bumps (2mm or less) that are too short to fix with a basic sewing needle

Made in China and packaged on cardboard in a vinyl sleeve with one piece of sticky tape by the manufacturer.

Want to see how it’s done? Modern Mending the book includes two pages of instructions (with photographs) on snag repairs, using both a snag repair needle and a basic sewing needle.