Prym cotton darners – size 1-5 long darning needles

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This set contains 10 extra-long, sharp-pointed darning needles of different sizes, suitable for darning woven fabrics (e.g. linen and denim) and fine to medium-weight knitwear, including most socks.

These are the longest needles in the shop, ranging in length from 6.3cm to 7.6cm – great for large woven darns and for menders who prefer darning with longer needles. They would work well with any mending yarn or embroidery thread.

For thicker needles with blunt tips (for darning chunky hand-knit items), try Clover darning needles. For a larger variety of needle types and sizes try the Prym Combi CardExplore the full range of needles here.

Made in the Czech Republic from hardened steel and packaged in a reusable flip-open pack made of cardstock and plastic.

Want to see how it’s done? Modern Mending the book includes 32 pages of darning instructions and 18 pages of hand-stitching instructions, with photographs and illustrated diagrams.