Dry felting needles – size 38 triangular

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Felting needles have tiny notches that allow you to sculpt patches from wool fleece, using friction. Size 38 triangular-blade needles are perfect for most needle-felting mending projects and great for beginners.

Felting needles are essential for needle felting, but I haven't been able to find any without plastic packaging, so I've purchased in bulk and made my own packaging instead. The envelopes are handmade from preloved paper (it's a lucky dip - you might get sheet music or old street-directory paper, for example) and the needles are inserted in preloved cardboard for safety when shipping.

Each envelope contains four needles.

NOTE: felting needles are extremely sharp. Please keep out of reach of young children, exercise care when using them and store them in a suitable container when you're not using them.

Made in Germany and packaged in Australia (by me) in reused paper and cardboard.

Needle felting, aka dry felting, transforms wool fibres into felt. Want to see how it’s done? Modern Mending the book includes more than 20 pages of detailed needle-felting instructions, tips and inspiration.