Klasse Professional Cut multi-use embroidery scissors – 11.5cm

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These are my favourite scissors for most mending jobs and live permanently in my go-to mending kit.

If I was allowed only one pair of scissors, I would choose these. They might not be the most beautiful pair in my collection, but they excel at their job and are worthy of devotion – and they have a lifetime warranty!

The extra-sharp points and double-ground blades allow you to make precise cuts – perfect for trimming fabric, snipping threads, fine-tuning needle-felted patches and unpicking embroidery stitches. They're suitable for use right- or left-handed.

True story no. 1: I first discovered these scissors many years ago when I spent an entire Friday evening in an extremely large craft store, trying out every pair of scissors until I found the one true pair to beat them all (this pair!) – with the sharpest points, smoothest scissor action and a comfortable grip. You're welcome.

True story no. 2: The warning on the back says: "These scissors are sharp and can be dangerous if misused. Always use with care and supervision is recommended for children." They’re so sharp that I have become a bit too excited on occasion and accidentally poked extra holes in items I’m supposedly mending.

You've been warned. ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

Made in China from stainless steel (blades) and plastic (handles) and packaged in clear plastic with a cardstock insert.