Birch darners – size 3/9 darning needles – 12-pack

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Darning needles are long and have a large eye for easy threading of the thicker threads and yarns most often used for darning.

I started using darning needles for hand stitching when I taught workshops for kids – darning needles’ long length and thickness make them easy for kids and beginner sewists to handle, and the large eye makes them easier to thread than standard hand-sewing needles. Once I’d used them for teaching I got hooked, and now darners are the needles I use for most of my hand-sewn mending projects.

This set contains 12 needles of different lengths. They have sharp points and are intended for darning thin woven fabric, e.g. tea towels and other linens. But you can use them for hand-sewing and embroidery projects as well. They would work well with thin yarns such as Scanfil cotton mending yarn, 1-3 strands of embroidery thread or any sewing thread (hand-stitching only; sewing thread is too thin for darning).

For a bigger range of needle sizes (including needles for darning socks and medium-weight knitwear), try Prym yarn darners or the Prym Combi Card. For thick needles with blunt tips for darning chunky hand-knit items, try Clover darning needles.

Made in China and packaged in a reusable flip-open pack made of cardstock and plastic.

Want to see how it’s done? Modern Mending the book includes 32 pages of darning instructions and 18 pages of hand-stitching instructions, with photographs and illustrated diagrams.