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Scanfil cotton mending yarn is ideal for hand-stitching and darning thin clothing and other textiles, particularly those made from cotton and other plant-based fibres.

It’s similar in thickness to all-purpose cotton sewing thread or one strand of embroidery thread – use one or more strands to suit the item you’re mending. (If darning with multiple strands, I recommend binding them together first with beeswax to prevent weaving through the wrong threads and getting lost in a darning maze.)

The four neutral colours are well-suited to blended mends for everyday items: tea towels, undergarments, school uniforms and the ubiquitous (and short-lived) thin, cotton business socks.

Made in the Netherlands from 100% cotton, wound onto cardstock.

For a more colourful cotton option, try Cottage Garden Threads embroidery thread and for an organic option try Scanfil organic cotton sewing thread (for stitching only). If you need to darn wool and other animal fibres, try Mend it - limited-edition upcycled mending yarn or Scanfil mending wool. For a thick cotton option if you need to darn chunky, hand-knit clothing, I recommend using cotton knitting yarn instead (not available here; ask your knitter friends for scraps or support your local yarn shop!).

Want to see how it’s done? Modern Mending the book includes 32 pages of darning instructions and 18 pages of hand-stitching instructions, with photographs and illustrated diagrams.