Birch curved needles for hand sewing

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Curved needles are handy for mending things like upholstered furniture, cushions, soft toys, shoes, lampshades, rugs and car seats – when the item is sturdy and/or stuffed and it’s difficult to move a standard needle in and out of fabric.

The curve allows for easier stitching of seams, using ladder/mattress stitch or slip stitch.

Curved needles are commonly used to tie quilts, too – a great use for clothes past the point of mending.

Each pack contains four needles in two sizes: 2 x 50mm needles and 2 x 62mm needles.

Made in China and packaged in cardboard and plastic with a piece of sticky tape by the manufacturer.

Want to see how it’s done? Modern Mending the book includes 18 pages of hand-stitching instructions (including ladder stitch and slip stitch), with photographs and illustrated diagrams.