Olympus sashiko embroidery thread

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Sashiko is a Japanese embroidery technique that uses running stitch to create beautiful geometric patterns. Cotton sashiko thread, used in sashiko embroidery, is a strong, smooth thread that’s perfect for mending denim. The strands are twisted together and not meant to be separated.

This thread comes in two lengths: 20m and 100m. The 20m size – a bright white – is a good starter size, while the 100m option – a natural white – is more economical and less wasteful; you get five times as much thread but less plastic packaging.

NOTE: to avoid tangles, pre-cut and plait/braid sashiko thread before you use it. A side benefit is that you can take a sashiko plait with you when you fly; because it’s precut you won’t need scissors to use it.

Head here to purchase sashiko needles. For a complete sashiko starter kit with instructions, try Sewing with Kate’s sashiko mending kit.

Made in Japan from 100% cotton and packaged in a plastic sleeve by the manufacturer.