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Sewing machine needles usually come in tiny plastic packs that are too small to be recycled/downcycled. Until recently I just complained to the air about it because I thought there was no alternative.

Then I found Organ sewing machine needles, made in Japan and packaged in the sweetest tiny paper packets. I spent over a year falling down a rabbit hole, trying to track them down so I could stock them in the shop. Hooray! I did it!

These are high-quality flat-shank needles for use in home sewing machines. I’ve chosen to stock the needles I think are most useful for mending.

Each packet contains 10 needles of the same size and type:


universal needle

size 100/16

for heavyweight fabrics such as denim, canvas, vinyl and upholstery


universal needle

size 90/14

For medium-weight fabrics such as linen and calico


universal needle

size 80/12

for thin fabrics such as cotton shirting, quilting cotton, poplin, rayon and light wool


universal needle

size 70/10

for very fine fabrics such as silk, cotton lawn, cotton voile, lining fabric, sheer fabric and synthetics


ballpoint needle

size 75/11

for stretch knits such as cotton jersey (T-shirts and undies)


denim needle

size 100/16

for better stitching on denim and canvas


Industrial-strength hard chrome embroidery needle

size 100/16

for quilting multiple layers, heavy-duty embroidery and machine darning of thick or heavy materials

Not sure which needle is right for you? I recommend using what you mend/sew most often as your guide.

Universal needles are good all-rounders. You can use them for everything (making sure to match needle size to fabric type/thickness). But for certain types of mending, specialty needles will do a better job (e.g. fewer skipped stitches and broken needles):

  • If you mend a lot of T-shirts and stretchy things, choose HAx1BP.
  • If plan to machine-darn crotch holes in many pairs of jeans, choose HAx1DE or HLx5.
  • If you often mend jeans (not just machine darning but hems and side seams too), choose HAx1DE.
  • If you mend a lot of heavy-duty fabrics (not just jeans), go with the universal HAx1 size 100/16.
  • If you’re obsessed with free-motion darning and want to mend everything with artistic scribbles now, or need to free-motion darn heavy-duty workwear, try HLx5.


Made in Japan and packaged in aluminium-coated paper (similar to a gum wrapper) inside a paper envelope.