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This is awesome! I'm new to thimbles and ive tried a couple but this one grips on the side of finger with silicone section. Fits well!

If you wear - and wear out - denim jeans, you need this in your kit. The variegated thread creates a strong, almost invisible repair on any similarly-coloured fabric, perfect for rips, holes, and worn areas. But considering how useful this thread is, it's astonishingly difficult to get hold of. So it's well worth adding a spool to your order in whichever colour best suits your jeans (I find the medium is most versatile, especially for worn denim). Highly recommended!

Fun thread

Mending with this thread is so much fun. I added a third, unnecessary Sashiko circle to my first mend, just to balance things out.

It IS fun! I'm so glad you love it, too.

Versatile darning mushroom

I really liked the idea of storing my needles in the mushroom, but have now discovered an additional benefit: Taking the mushroom apart allows me to use the cap when darning pants and avoid stitching the leg closed. It is a good surface and size for sashiko darning on denim.

Hot hemmer is a game changer!

I’m not sure what I was expecting but I’ll admit to being underwhelmed when I first unwrapped the hot hemmer. I needn’t have worried. It is a fantastic little tool that makes ironing a precise hem much faster and more accurate. It looks small but is a great size to iron with. I don’t know how I got by without it!

Fabulous material to work with. I mended my beautiful old bamboo socks which apart from wear hole underneath are like new. I can now wear them again with that feeling of new socks. It's very satisfying to mend one's own clothing!

Oh lovely! They look more fun now. :)

I love having my egg carton around the sewing room. It engages my children's imagination about recycling/upcycling and because they are familiar with the egg carton, they were not shy to open it up which led to them wanting to learn felting.
My son fixed up his own hole in his favourite Lego t-shirt.

Good for the wardrobe, good for the soul

This really is a helpful, useful, clever book. I did know a little about basic mending before I discovered it, but it's expanded my horizons quite radically now. My very excellent dry cleaning service in Brisbane has a repairs and alteration service to die for, and I showed them Erin's book to get their take on it. The owner was genuinely impressed and has ordered her own copy. It's given her some fabulous, creative ideas for precious garments of her own, as well as advice for special customers. And this is a consummate professional who adores good clothes! If you care about looking after your belongings, and, most importantly, our beautiful but beleaguered planet, Modern Mending is a wonderful book to have on hand. Or paw. Because my cat loves it too and its fabulous photos and wit and wisdom. Anything that encourages us to sit quietly, do some gentle, soul-healing mending and spend tranquil time with furry (or other) family members has to make any home happier, and that includes our planet!


I originally bought this yarn for another project but it wasn’t a great match, the thing about mending is that there’s always another project around the corner and it didn’t take long for me to use this thread. I’m not the greatest mender but I was very happy with the results.

Oh, that's great news! Thank you for sharing your mend.

Great Value

Huge amount of wool, cleverly packaged, and much cheaper than well known chain stores.

Very Handy

I have used this quite a bit. Very handy.

So glad you're loving it! It's one of my favourite gadgets.


A beautiful book with lots of original ideas.

Simple and great

This little tool is incredibly effective and simple to use. I love it. It’s a game changer!

Excellent matte embroidery yarn

This was the perfect yarn for a mending project where I wanted to avoid the slight gloss of DMC embroidery floss. It’s lovely to work with and has a satisfying matte finish.


The book Modern Mending is a must have to any sewer's collection or even a beginner. We waste so much and we treasure items that need mending and this book is excellent and what we have been waiting for in the modern world. Old is new again and I am glad I bought the book with the mending kit.

Like many other reviewers I picked this up at the library and now have my own reference copy. Really clear and detailed instructions on how to mend many different types of damage and wear to fabric, with results that look polished and cool. A great resource if, like me, you are concerned about sustainability and wastage, buy and repair a lot of secondhand items, or are just super hard on your clothes. Only had it for a little while before I had to return it but used tips from this this to mend a few things on an epic mending weekend and results were great.

Great source of techniques needed to breathe new life into needy garments. Techniques well explained with many inspiring examples. Opens the door to many possibilities to resuscitate and invigorate fabrics.
Easy to follow, creative and fun!

The kind of book you want to immediately buy for everyone you know.

Really great contemporary book on clothes repair using a variety of techniques including Swiss darning, sashiko and needle felting. Includes tips from experts and honest advice about pros and cons of different techniques. The illustrations are really clear and the advice (including what to do when things go wrong, and when to take on projects) very practical. This book also has lots of personable tips that you won't get elsewhere - for example you should make a pot and not a cup of tea when you are about to sit down to darn as darning is a slow meditative activity and you don't want to ruin the flow by having to get up to make a new cup! Also the picture of the cat's arm on page 35 to demonstrate the ideal thread length for stitching is hilarious! This book's layout is simple and straightforward and will appeal to beginners. I am a middling clothes mender but learnt a lot of new things from it. Recommend.

Great mending class, logical learning sequence, learnt what to use, when to use it and which technique would work best on a particular mend. Lovely to interact with other students, great help from Erin on your particular project and to get to see others' work. Just wish it kept on going - nobody wanted to finish.

I found myself with Erin's book, Modern Mending, for an extended period of time during the first lockdown when our library closed. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and when the opportunity arose to join the online course, I didn't hesitate to sign up. As a very basic mender, I acquired some new skills and the inspiration to try new things and think outside the square when looking at ways to mend my clothes. I had never darned before and was pretty chuffed with myself upon darning a rather large hole in one of my favourite socks! I now look forward to spending time being mendful and revamping clothes that probably would have gone in the 'Rag Bag'. Erin is a great teacher with a wonderful sense of humour. The course was a lot of fun as well as being very instructional. I would highly recommend the course and hope to join in any future online mending courses.

Erin’s master classes provided a great balance of inspiration, information and incentive to get stitching and come up with creative practical solutions to my own mending basket cases.

The online classes are great fun, and the chance to access Erin's experience and knowledge is fantastic. Other students shared their experiences too, and we all learned a heap. This course has really helped build my confidence and has saved several items in my wardrobe from the rag bin. Thank you Erin!

Erin's enthusiasm for mending is contagious. The book and the course demystify mending techniques with very clear instructions and a wealth of tips and tricks. But more importantly, she has changed the way I think of mending from being a chore to a creative opportunity and something I actually look forward to.

This was a wonderful intro to mending and I like the idea of there being no perfect way to do something – the course encourages you to try out different methods. Erin is very generous in her suggestions and tips, and gave me a lot of confidence not only to mend things but to do it with some creativity!