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The mending yarn is lovely to use and to look at. I’m stuggling not to buy more before I’ve used what I have. Service is great.

Yokota sashiko embroidery thread – variegated
Pamela Zimmerman (Washington, United States)

beautiful colors, silky texture. Can't wait to use it! thanks

Steam-A-Seam 2 Lite double-stick fusible web
Diana (Melbourne, Australia)
Fusible web is a game-changer!

This product has opened up so many creative patching and decorating possibilities. It's easy to use, robust, and printable, so I can make my own patches using photos from my garden etc. Just love it.

Modern Mending book (signed copy)
Krystyna Fajkielmodern mending (Christchurch, New Zealand)
Modern Mending

Just love this book- it has a method for every possible mend needed. Every young person should be gifted a book just to save the world and create a sustainable future. .

This book is just darn fun. It won't string you along and along and along and along...
What got me was the 1st step of mending: make some tea, this should be fun!
Other than that, it reads like a quick and easy tutorial, with just enough humor to keep you reading more. And it even gives tips on how to unstick your finger from a sewing machine needling. Now if that isn't drama I don't know what is.
I am a very newbie mender, but the book really gets me thinking about my choices with regards to textiles, and the impact I can have. My favorite idea in the book is, that when I wear a mended garment, other people will see that it's mended, and they'll maybe realize, "hey, I can mend my clothes/socks/whatnot, too!"
Global change through local stitching. Genius.

Dry felting needles – size 38 triangular
Sachiko Kinoshita (Cronulla, Australia)
Lots of fun!

You can have great fun poking wool fluff onto wool
I loved ELF's packaging too

Steam-A-Seam 2 Lite double-stick fusible web
Sachiko Kinoshita (Cronulla, Australia)
very useful item!

It makes it very easy to attach fabric pieces just like ELF said

Modern Mending book (signed copy)
Colette D. (Sydney) (Cammeray, Australia)
Fabulous book on how to rescue favourite clothes

This book is inspiring and has opened my eyes to the possibility of mending valued items that I previously thought were bin jobs. Before I bought this book, my sewing skills were mostly limited to hand-sewing hems and replacing missing buttons. I had absolutely no idea how to mend many of my old favourites which I'd sadly worn to death.
Modern Mending has given me the enthusiasm and new skills to tackle my mending pile, especially some of my nice warm jumpers, which I'm really thrilled to be wearing again. I love both the invisible mends and the visible mends which are more quirky and creative - such fun!
I only wish that I'd known about the techniques in Modern Mending years ago before I listened to the decluttering advice to turn my stained favourite sweatshirt into rags. It never occurred to me that a mend didn't have to be invisible but could instead be visible and decorative. If I'd had this book back then, I could have given my sweatshirt a fun visible mending makeover and still be enjoying it!

Modern Mending masterclass LIVE online
Colette D. (Sydney) (Cammeray, Australia)
Brilliant course!

This course was great and I learnt a lot from Erin, who is a charming and amusing teacher.
Erin encouraged us to send in photos of items we'd like to mend, and gave us suggestions on ways to approach the mending of these old favourites, with either creatively visible or 'invisible' techniques, which has been super helpful. Seeing the varied mending projects my lovely classmates were working on has been interesting too. So glad I had the opportunity to do this class from Sydney on Zoom.
I thoroughly recommend this class as I really enjoyed it and learnt heaps. Thanks Erin!

Modern Mending masterclass LIVE online
Megan H. (Sydney, Australia)
Super duper course

Informative and great for more visual-guided learners like me who need to see things being done and ask aaaall the questions. Erin breaks down the process easily and readily troubleshoots our mending dilemmas! Fab course allowing me to feel so much more confident in my mending abilities :)

Handy little tool

Very neat, handy little tool that will last a long time.

Darning: Repair Make Mend book by Hikaru Noguchi
Barbara L (Melbourne, Australia)
Darning Repair

Great book! So many ideas and beautifully illustrated

So handy and cute!

I have used this tape to patch t-shirts and some small holes on a fitted sheet. So handy and very very cute! The sheet has been washed a few times now in a hot wash and the tape is still there and still looking great!

A most informative book for the beginner to the confident sewer. Loads of information about the tools you need, fabrics, hints, problem solving and step by step instructions and pictures. The book also include Case studies and other resources. This is the type of book you have next to you when sewing or on your coffee table for browsing and getting ideas. I had the first edition and didn't hesitate to purchase the second.

Modern Mending book (signed copy)
Sarah O. (Wellington, New Zealand)
Awesome book - inspiring and confidence building

I’ve really enjoyed your book. I have always mended things and mended friend’s clothes over the years, I’ve usually stuck to the simpler mends, but your book has given me the confidence and ideas to do some more complicated mends and so far I’ve mended with decorative machine stitch a pair of my favourite running tights, and a visible swiss darn on my daughter’s merino hoody (she is 2 years old). I’m currently working on darning my merino running tights with a 0.75mm crochet needle! So thanks for the inspiration.

Modern Mending book (signed copy)
MK44 (Towradgi, Australia)

I loved all of this book - so many more ways to mend things than I had previously suspected, and all in a very easy way to understand, especially the felting that I had struggled with before. Thank you for writing it Erin, it will be a treasured reference book for myself, my family and anyone I know who needs to mend something!

This is gorgeous

Temaricious thread is a bit like sashiko thread, but slightly finer, and this kind comes in gorgeous colours and with minimal packaging. I bought one colour but now I want them all.

Where has this been all my life?

As a hobby sewer and mender I am ironing seam allowances and hems all the time. Now it is so much faster and accurate with this handy tool.

I love Modern Mending! I found it by accident on the new books shelf at the library while away on holidays. My son picked it up and plans to get a copy of his own, and I'm hoping for one for Mothers' Day. I took it to my first Book Group meeting this year, along with the collection of fiction I'd been reading over the holidays and declared it my favourite!
It's a great Australian, but also international, book with inspiring ideas, excellent photos and illustrations, lots of "how to" advice, and places to look for more information or to buy supplies. I love the creative approach of visible mending - I've been an invisible mender for years, but some things just can't be done invisibly and this just extends the possibilities immensely. I'm especially looking forward to felting up holes in knitwear and trying some Sashiko stitching!
I'm not a big reader of "how to" books, but this one is a joy, either to dip into, or read through. Thoroughly recommended!

Mend it - limited-edition upcycled mending yarn
Barbara L (Collingwood, Australia)
Fine wool jumper darning

Mend it upcycled yarn is a winner - it has already been recycled and it’s ideal to keep our fine machine knitted woollen jumpers good to wear! Great range of colours!

Olympus sashiko embroidery needles
Calina (Sydney, Australia)

Great & hardy needles :)

Scanfil organic cotton sewing thread 275m
Calina (Sydney, Australia)

Spectacular cotton thread. A strong 100% cotton thread that's fantastically coloured and great to sew with, minimal breakage while sewing and totally plastic free :)

Modern Mending book (signed copy)
Ariel Achtman, via Goodreads

I have the first edition of this book and love the way it both encourages and entices me to mend. Of the four mending books I have read, this one has the best balance of inspiration and comprehensive, clear instructions. Reading this book is like having Erin standing next to you and encouraging you to embrace the creativity of personalising your clothes and homewares. Suddenly, the mending pile is no longer just a chore, but also a source of opportunities to express yourself. In addition to the more dramatic visible mending advice, there are plenty of instructions on how to make unobtrusive mends. Every household should have access to this book.

Modern Mending book (signed copy)
Rob Magus, via Goodreads

I have sewn for many years but never considered mending because I always believed that the point was to make things look like new again. This book introduced me to the idea of visible mending, and expressing myself creatively through mending, and suddenly mending was accessible to me! Not just accessible but fun and a way to express myself.
There’s not many books that change you after you’ve read them but that’s what this book did for me. My mindset is very different now, I’ve gone from thinking about all the things I’ll need to replace, to thinking about how long I can make things last!
You’ve got nothing to lose by buying this book, you’ll save the cover price after a few mends!

Love it!

I used the Hot Hemmer recently to shorten pants (the woes of being short!) and it made the job so much easier and quicker. It's definitely saved my sanity as hemming was not a favourite job.