Birch pressure-sensitive nylon patches

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Do you put off mending because of the time involved? There's no solution quicker than these patches, which you can stick on damaged puffer jackets, tents, raincoats, umbrellas and other outdoor gear. No stitching or ironing required!

True story: originally I tried to stock a well known brand of repair tape in this shop, but said brand will only supply its black and clear options (not its colours) to Australia. How very dare they!

These patches are a cheaper alternative and each set comes in four colours, so you can have a bit of fun with your mending (or, statistically speaking, more chance of secrecy when invisible mending).

Each pack contains four patches: one of each in white, black, red and blue, measuring 17.78 x 7.62mm. (The packaging says ‘navy’ but it’s definitely closer to royal blue, not navy.)

To use: Cut patch slightly larger than the area to be mended. Round corners if using on a garment. Press firmly with your hand.

Made in China and packaged in clear plastic with a cardstock insert by the manufacturer.

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