Clover hot hemmer – ironing aid for patches and hems

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The hot hemmer is a handy tool that lets you fold, measure and press hems and patch edges neatly in one step.

This is not an essential mending tool – I often use cardstock or cereal-box cardboard as an ironing template when making patches – but it could be a huge time-saver if you make a lot of patches, often need to take hems up or down because you’re vertically challenged in either direction, or you make your own clothes.

The centimetre grid guide makes it easier to press neat, consistent folds without having to measure or mark your fabric – perfect for square and rectangular patches where you want everything to line up. And it’s more versatile than DIY cardboard patch templates – you can use it for multiple sizes of patches and hems.

Made from nylon, the hot hemmer is heat-resistant and will not melt under a clothes iron. I recommend using a chopstick to hold down fabric edges while you iron them, to keep your fingers safer. You can use the hot hemmer with a dry iron or on a steam setting, but if your fingers need to get close to the iron a dry iron is safer, as steam can burn fingers.


  • Heat-resistant up to 220°C
  • Centimetre grid allows you to measure and fold fabric consistently
  • Great for making patches, hems, rounded corners and mitred corners
  • Non-slip surface holds fabric in place


Made in Japan from nylon and packaged in cardstock and a plastic sleeve by the manufacturer.