Usethings darning mushroom with needle storage

Usethings darning mushroom with needle storage
Usethings darning mushroom with needle storage
Usethings darning mushroom with needle storage
Usethings darning mushroom with needle storage

Usethings darning mushroom with needle storage

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Ariel (Melbourne, Australia)
Versatile darning mushroom

I really liked the idea of storing my needles in the mushroom, but have now discovered an additional benefit: Taking the mushroom apart allows me to use the cap when darning pants and avoid stitching the leg closed. It is a good surface and size for sashiko darning on denim.

Diana (Carlton, Australia)
*issue resolved* re disappointing that the 'mushroom top' came away from the bottom very quickly

*Update* Erin and some of her crafting friends suggested I soak the wooden tip of the mushroom 'stick' in water, to make it swell up. It worked a treat! It means I can't really use it to keep needles inside any more, as I guess the stick head will shrink again over time. However, it is stuck fast now, and in future I'll know how to fix the problem if it happens again. Thanks so much Erin for your prompt and very helpful reply.

While I love the idea of this darning mushroom with its needle storage, and love the feel of the timber, very quickly it started coming apart. The hole underneath the mushroom head must have become wider, so the stick no longer fits firmly, and the needles fall out every time I darn something. I tried using velcro dots to hold it in place (see photo) but that didn't work. I'm now using just the head, with a rubber band around the object that I'm darning, to keep it in place. I wouldn't buy this product again; I'd stick to a solid darning mushroom instead.

Oh no! I am so sorry your mushroom was faulty. I'm happy to replace it with a new Usethings mushroom or a different solid mushroom - let me know which you prefer. So that I can provide feedback to Usethings, I'd love to see the faulty mushroom (let me know and I can arrange return postage, or alternatively a photograph or video would be great). Thank you!

This darning mushroom has a secret: it has a removable, hollow handle for storing your darning needles!

Vintage darning mushrooms occasionally have this feature, but this is the first modern Australian darning mushroom I’ve found with built-in storage.

This is a large darning mushroom (9cm diameter cap, 10cm handle length) best for mending items such as jumpers/sweaters and tea towels that need to lie fairly flat. For sock mending I recommend using a smaller darning mushroom:

This product is hand-turned in Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia, from timber offcuts left over from drying-rack production, and polished on a lathe.

Want to see how it’s done? Modern Mending the book includes 32 pages of detailed instructions on darning.

Need darning needles or mending yarn? Browse the darning collection.

About darning mushrooms

Darning mushrooms help hold the shape of the item you’re mending and keep fabric taut, so you get a more natural-looking result.

You don’t need a darning mushroom to start darning (I’m a big fan of using oranges and other citrus when darning socks) but it has a few benefits:

  • Having nice tools can motivate you to mend more often.
  • If you tend to find your mending mojo late at night, there’s no risk of panicking when you discover you’re out of oranges and it’s too late/difficult to go to the shops. Your darning mushroom is a lifelong, dependable, 24/7 friend.
  • If you like to mend while travelling, your darning mushroom won’t squish in your bag and won’t be confiscated if you travel interstate or overseas (fresh fruit is often subject to quarantine restrictions).

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