Patch Party: recommended workshop supplies

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    These are my recommended supplies for my mending workshop 'Patch Party'.

    ESSENTIAL: Modern Mending book

    We will be using my book, Modern Mending, as our textbook in class. If you already have a copy, please bring it with you.

    ESSENTIAL: hand-sewing needles

    • The Prym Combi Card is a large, versatile mending pack. If you are attending both workshops (A Darn Good Time and Patch Party), this pack will work for both.
    • A Prym needle twister is the fun and clever option. The mint-coloured twister (with needles included) will work for both workshops (A Darn Good Time and Patch Party).

      ESSENTIAL: sharp scissors

      Any sharp scissors will do, but I use these Fiskars snips the most for cutting fabric patches. They also work for snipping yarn and thread, if you're attending both workshops.

      ESSENTIAL: sewing thread

      Any good-quality sewing thread or embroidery thread will do for this workshop (you are welcome to bring your own or use what's on hand at SOSU), but Scanfil organic cotton sewing thread is my favourite for basting and hand sewing.

      OPTIONAL: needle threader, beeswax, embroidery hoop, fabric-marking tools

      • Needle threader: If you find threading small needle eyes difficult, this needle threader is a good wire-style threader. Self-threading needles can also help.
      • Beeswax: I nearly always use beeswax when hand-sewing with sewing thread, and sewing or weaving with stranded embroidery thread.
      • Embroidery hoop: A hoop is useful for practising patching and darning.
      • Fabric marking tools: This water-soluble pen is my go-to marking tool for when I need to trace patch shapes onto fabric.

      OPTIONAL: fusible web

      We will learn to make DIY iron-on patches in this workshop, using fusible web. I'll be providing each student with a small piece of fusible web to try, but you might like to purchase a pack ahead of time and save on costs, if you think you might be making a lot of iron-on patches in your future.

      11 products
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      Clover self-threading needles for hand sewing
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      Embroidery hoop – bamboo
      Clover water-erasable marker for fabric
      Steam-A-Seam 2 Lite – double-stick fusible web
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