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I 💕 fan mail

Everything I’ve bought or seen in the Modern Mending online shop is really practical and high quality, and since I have the book, I know what to do with them! I really appreciate that Erin has done a lot of work to make sure her products are as environmentally friendly as possible — it saves me the effort and I can just browse all the lovely products. The thoughtful and sustainable packaging is the icing on the cake.

Linda, Melbourne

Shopping here was like wandering into my auntie's sewing room and saying "Ooh, can I have that? And one of those? Oh I like that." And then she bundles it all up for me beautifully, smiles her most loving smile, gives me a warm hug and sends me on my way with a tin of home-baked biscuits, still warm from the oven. That's pretty much exactly how it felt.

Meg, Geelong

This is the best shop. I don't even like shopping (online or otherwise) but I spend more time than I care to admit browsing The photos are clear and product descriptions are spot on, including realistic advice (see description for the needle books). I bought some needles, wool and mending thread. It was beautifully packaged in what would normally be "waste" materials. brings me so much joy.

Chali, Melbourne

Hello Erin, Just to let you know that I received my order. I appreciate the care you take to make beautiful re-purposed packaging. The Mend it yarns are stunning! I was going to darn socks but I've changed my mind and will use them where they can be seen.

Melinda, Melbourne

A beautiful parcel arrived today! Felting wool displayed in an egg box. The wrapping has been torn thinly for the compost - the shoebox is being used to store random sewing items - the label and string will be kept. The brown paper will make parcels for teddies and dolls houses - so thrilled. All so thoughtful. Please buy something from Erin's shop! It is an experience not to be missed!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Jacqueline, Ballarat