The reviews are in 🏆

As a repeat customer, I just wanted to say that I love your shop so much! It is filled with beautiful and thoughtful mending supplies (and lots of humour). Although I live half a world away I keep coming back as there is no comparable mending shop anywhere. Thank you for this great shop, and for being such a mending inspiration (I love your book as well).

Vancouver, Canada

My friend placed an order with you and asked if there was anything I'd like - I took one look at your website and couldn't resist! The packaging was lovely (she let me open it so I could see how nicely it was done) and products fabulous - I love the mushrooms and beeswax in particular!

Melbourne, Australia

It was so fun unwrapping my previous order. So sweet the way you package everything with such love and care using recycled materials.

Scarborough, Western Australia

Erin is brilliant to deal with; prompt, communicative, kind, and oh-so(sew)-helpful with hints, ideas, links, and suggestions. I love receiving her parcels in the mail—they're always gorgeously wrapped with upcycled/recyclable/compostable packaging and filled with practical well-made mending aids.

Melbourne, Australia

Shopping here was like wandering into my auntie's sewing room and saying "Ooh, can I have that? And one of those? Oh I like that." And then she bundles it all up for me beautifully, smiles her most loving smile, gives me a warm hug and sends me on my way with a tin of home-baked biscuits, still warm from the oven. That's pretty much exactly how it felt.

Geelong, Australia

Everything I’ve bought or seen in the Modern Mending online shop is really practical and high quality, and since I have the book, I know what to do with them! I really appreciate that Erin has done a lot of work to make sure her products are as environmentally friendly as possible — it saves me the effort and I can just browse all the lovely products. The thoughtful and sustainable packaging is the icing on the cake.

Melbourne, Australia

This is the best shop. I don't even like shopping (online or otherwise) but I spend more time than I care to admit browsing The photos are clear and product descriptions are spot on, including realistic advice (see description for the needle books). I bought some needles, wool and mending thread. It was beautifully packaged in what would normally be "waste" materials. brings me so much joy.

Melbourne, Australia