Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald in her shop


Hi! I'm Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald (ELF): repair artist, mending teacher, author and photographer of Modern Mending the book, and shopkeeper at modernmending.com.

I made Modern Mending because the book I wanted did not exist. And I set up the shop at modernmending.com because the shop I wanted did not exist.

I used to get frustrated when I had to visit multiple shops to buy the supplies I needed for my mending workshops. And if I  a mending enthusiast with expert knowledge of where to find the good stuff  dreaded shopping for mending supplies, than others were probably discouraged, too. So I set up a one-stop shop to make it more convenient for you to get started and find the best tools to mend your clothes.

If you know of any fantastic mending supplies not listed here, get in touch! I give priority to products that are:

  • made in Australia
  • made from recycled/reused/upcycled materials or the most environmentally friendly products in their category*
  • plastic-free
  • packaging-free or in minimal / zero-waste / compostable / fully recyclable packaging
  • best in show  really, really good products that are worthy of my/your devotion
  • delightful  I love using tools that make me smile, which helps with mending motivation

*I hate greenwashing, and if a product isn't truly environmentally friendly, I'm not going to pretend it is just to sell more products.

If you have any questions, get in touch at elf@modernmending.com.

Happy mending!

ELF xo


📷 Image by Mark Lobo