Mend T-shirts

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    Everything you need to save your T-shirts and other stretchy cotton clothes from the bin: needles, thread, pins, marking tools, and fusible web and water-soluble stabiliser to reduce stretch while stitching.
    27 products
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    Modern Mending book (signed copy)
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    Water-soluble stabiliser – Aqua Web & Aqua Web Plus
    Steam-A-Seam 2 Lite – double-stick fusible web
    ELF's choice (surprise me!) 4806 wine 4805 ruby red 4811 deep rose +31
    Scanfil organic cotton sewing thread
    002 white - cotton 40 beige - cotton 113 brown - cotton 82 navy - cotton +2
    Scanfil cotton mending yarn
    ELF's choice (surprise me!) 1202 1220 1217 +16
    Vintage Anchor pearl cotton embroidery thread
    Rooftop Honey beeswax block
    D140 black gold D317 anthracite grey D321 ruby D301 copper +3
    DMC Diamant metallic embroidery thread
    Sullivans easy guide ball-tip needles
    Prym Combi Card – set of 50 sewing and darning needles with threader
    Prym set of 19 needles for hand sewing and darning with threader
    Organ sewing machine needles
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    Clover self-threading needles for hand sewing
    Clover protect and grip thimble
    Tulip glass-head pins
    SOHMO glass-head pins
    Clover water-erasable marker for fabric
    Chacopa erasable fabric-marking pen
    gold pen silver pen
    Nuno Deco pen – sparkly fabric marker for covering stains
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    Wrenbirdarts DIY moth mending embroidery transfers
    Prym snag wizard – snag repair needle
    SOHMO entomology pins for fine fabrics
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