Modern Mending book (signed copy)

Modern Mending book (signed copy)
Modern Mending book (signed copy)
Modern Mending book (signed copy)
Modern Mending book (signed copy)
Modern Mending book (signed copy)
Modern Mending book (signed copy)
Modern Mending book (signed copy)
Modern Mending book (signed copy)
Modern Mending book (signed copy)

Modern Mending book (signed copy)

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Customer Reviews

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Greta Muhleisen (Glen Iris, Australia)
Practical and beautifully laid out

This is a great book that instantly inspires you to get out and fix those tricky jobs that you have put off. I'm a very visual person so the photo step by step guide is great for me. And I love how techniques are broken down into the damage and materials that will work best. I have lots of moth eaten clothes that have been sitting unused because I don't know how to repair but didn't want to dispose of. Now I can't wait to get cracking.

Michele Kohout (Sydney, Australia)

Fabulous book that is great to read and understand! Very inspirational, i almost want things to have holes so that i mend them now that i know how.

Krystyna Fajkielmodern mending (Christchurch, New Zealand)
Modern Mending

Just love this book- it has a method for every possible mend needed. Every young person should be gifted a book just to save the world and create a sustainable future. .

Gary, via Goodreads

This book is just darn fun. It won't string you along and along and along and along...
What got me was the 1st step of mending: make some tea, this should be fun!
Other than that, it reads like a quick and easy tutorial, with just enough humor to keep you reading more. And it even gives tips on how to unstick your finger from a sewing machine needling. Now if that isn't drama I don't know what is.
I am a very newbie mender, but the book really gets me thinking about my choices with regards to textiles, and the impact I can have. My favorite idea in the book is, that when I wear a mended garment, other people will see that it's mended, and they'll maybe realize, "hey, I can mend my clothes/socks/whatnot, too!"
Global change through local stitching. Genius.

Colette D. (Sydney) (Cammeray, Australia)
Fabulous book on how to rescue favourite clothes

This book is inspiring and has opened my eyes to the possibility of mending valued items that I previously thought were bin jobs. Before I bought this book, my sewing skills were mostly limited to hand-sewing hems and replacing missing buttons. I had absolutely no idea how to mend many of my old favourites which I'd sadly worn to death.
Modern Mending has given me the enthusiasm and new skills to tackle my mending pile, especially some of my nice warm jumpers, which I'm really thrilled to be wearing again. I love both the invisible mends and the visible mends which are more quirky and creative - such fun!
I only wish that I'd known about the techniques in Modern Mending years ago before I listened to the decluttering advice to turn my stained favourite sweatshirt into rags. It never occurred to me that a mend didn't have to be invisible but could instead be visible and decorative. If I'd had this book back then, I could have given my sweatshirt a fun visible mending makeover and still be enjoying it!

Modern Mending is bigger and better! The Australian second edition has 272 pages and the following new bits:

  • 32 extra pages (but 36 more in terms of content  we did some clever reorganising to fit in more tutorials!)
  • 'This goes with that', featuring nine common fabric types with actual-size photographs and descriptions of the best fabrics, yarns, threads, needles and techniques to mend them with
  • three new case studies (now 25 in total)
  • five new step-by-step tutorials:
    • Scotch and honeycomb darning (three methods + heaps of suggestions for variations)
    • secret patch (invisible)
    • patch for thin socks
  • a new shoe-mending inspiration section
  • an index! (with a section listing all the potentially invisible mending techniques and their page numbers)


In Australia, we send millions of tonnes of clothing to landfill each year, and our clothing consumption is one of the highest in the world. But the good news is that mending is trending and it’s never been easier to repair and reinvent your favourite clothes.

Modern Mending is a comprehensive guide to mending clothes that combines creativity, sustainability and fun. Inside you'll find:

  • Step-by-step instructions for a wide range of mending techniques, with full-colour process photographs, illustrated diagrams and troubleshooting tips
    • stitching (2 knot methods + 17 stitch methods)
    • patching (6 methods)
    • darning (8 methods)
    • needle felting (4 methods)
    • machine darning (2 methods)
    • 5 extra tutorials and sets of tips for buttons, snags, ladders, zippers and shoes
  • 25 case studies of mended garments, with the story behind each repair and the techniques and materials used
  • 10 sections full of mending guidance and motivation (I like to think of them as paper-based hugs)
    • Helpful Tips
    • Thoughts Before Mending
    • Playing Around with a Design
    • Tools of the Trade
    • Fabric 101
    • This Goes With That (common fabric types with actual-size photographs and descriptions of the best fabrics, yarns, threads, needles and techniques to mend them with)
    • Care: Prevention & Maintenance
    • Share the Love & Increase Your Impact
    • Should I Redo it?
    • Mending for Others & Valuing Your Time
    • Recommended Reading
  • 7 interviews with inspirational modern menders from around the world, with photographs of their work
  • 6 cups of tea
  • 3 amusing cat photos
  • 2 references to the Incredible Hulk
  • 1 zillion helpful tips

NOTE: This is a signed copy of the book; please specify in the comments at checkout if you would like the inscription to be addressed to a particular person. If you would prefer no signature, you can specify that, too.

If your local bookshop or library doesn't yet stock Modern Mending, you can ask them to order it in.

For wholesale inquiries, please contact the publisher of the relevant edition.

Australian second edition
published by Affirm Press
ISBN 9781925972290

UK/US editions
published by Search Press
ISBN 9781782219606

German edition (Geschickt Geflickt)
published by Stiebner Verlag
ISBN 9783830721048

Watch this video to see how I made the book, including my hands-free photography setup.

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