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    Mending supplies that have plastic-free packaging or – even better – no packaging at all!

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    46 products
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    Modern Mending – book by Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald (second edition, signed copy)
    Darning: Repair Make Mend – book by Hikaru Noguchi
    blue patch red patch pink patch mauve patch
    MENDER patches – handmade by Addie Best Studio
    M1 Indian madder variegated M3 garcinia subelliptica variegated
    Temaricious naturally dyed cotton temari thread
    ELF's choice (surprise me!) 1202 1220 1217 +12
    Vintage Anchor pearl cotton embroidery thread
    new colours added
    002 white 002N natural white 001 bridal white 040R rosy beige +8
    Scanfil cotton mending yarn
    128-L red 125-L peony 419-L orange 259-L sunshine +13
    Fil Au Chinois no. 832 waxed cable linen thread
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    Woodrock Turning darning mushroom – red
    from $25.00
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    Woodrock Turning darning mushroom – confetti party style
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    Usethings darning mushroom with needle storage
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    Woollykins natural darning mushroom
    Organ sewing machine needles
    from $3.00
    Prym needle threader for embroidery, sashiko, tapestry and darning needles
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    Limited-edition, upcycled needle books
    Rooftop Honey beeswax block
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    Corriedale wool fleece for needle felting
    from $8.00
    Dry felting needles
    Mystery foam block – needle-felting surface
    Embroidery hoop – bamboo
    SOHMO glass-head pins
    The Mending Directory – book by Erin Eggenburg
    Sale price $40.50 Regular price $45.00
    Klasse embroidery scissors – 130mm – red
    Sale price $9.90 Regular price $11.00
    Joyful Mending – book by Noriko Misumi
    Sale price $22.50 Regular price $25.00
    Mending with Love – book by Noriko Misumi
    Sale price $25.20 Regular price $28.00
    Stitcher's ring – thread/yarn organiser
    from $1.60
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    Creative Mending – book by Hikaru Noguchi
    Sale price $27.00 Regular price $30.00
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    Wire-bow needle threader – extra-long
    Vintage darning tools
    from $30.00
    Sajou thread cards – set of 6
    Nurge beechwood embroidery hoop
    from $14.70
    Clover stitch dome
    SOHMO coilless safety pins
    SOHMO bulb safety pins
    SOHMO entomology pins for fine fabrics
    Mending with Boro – book by Harumi Horiuchi
    Sale price $29.70 Regular price $33.00
    Mending with Kids – book by Nami Levy
    Sale price $29.70 Regular price $33.00
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