Shipping manifesto

Other shops have shipping policies. has a shipping manifesto. It’s something I put a lot of thought into, and I want to be as transparent about it as possible.

Shipping carrier

I ship via Australia Post because it’s reliable, trackable and carbon-neutral.

Free shipping

I don’t offer free shipping because there is no such thing as free shipping. Someone has to pay the price. My book contains 240 pages of detailed mending instructions and weighs nearly 800g (1.74 pounds). It is jam-packed full of mendy goodness! It is also quite thick (2.5cm / 1 inch), so it is slightly more expensive to ship than your average book. If shipping costs are a barrier for you, there are large retailers that offer my book with “free” international shipping, which they are able to offset because they buy books in huge quantities at extreme discounts (which means smaller royalties for authors). If you are in Australia, the cheapest and most environmentally friendly way to read my book is to ask your local library to order it in!

I choose to reuse

When shipping orders my first priority is to reuse packaging materials wherever possible – boxes and padded mailers that I’ve collected over the years or sourced from second-hand shops and recycling centres. I cannot guarantee the materials used to ship your order will be plastic-free for this reason. I reuse paper and old envelopes to handwrite shipping labels and reuse cardboard and paper to make wrapping labels. I reuse tissue paper (usually from old sewing patterns) for items that require a bit of wrapping or extra cushioning.

I buy recycled packaging

If I don’t have suitable second-hand packaging to use for your order, my next priority is packaging made from recycled materials. I believe it’s important to support Australian companies making good products from our recyclables, and to make sure that material gets a second life.


I use gummed kraft-paper tape to seal my parcels whenever possible. I have a second-hand tape wetter (with a water reservoir and a roller) that I love, purchased from my local op shop. It takes a little longer for me to tape up parcels and attach shipping labels, but it’s 100% worth it.

Individual product packaging

Every item for sale on this website has its packaging components listed and in most cases photographed, so you can make an informed decision.

Upstream packaging

When I speak to my suppliers I specifically ask that my orders be supplied to me without plastic packaging, whenever possible, to avoid waste and single-use plastic. This isn’t always possible, but I’ll keep asking, forever.