Gutermann rPET top stitch – recycled polyester sewing thread 30m

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This lovely, high-quality sewing thread is made from recycled plastic bottles – a more environmentally sustainable alternative to traditional polyester sewing thread.

Because it’s made in the same production facilities with the same processes, it’s virtually indistinguishable from Gutermann non-recycled polyester thread. The colours are identical, too; when you run out of your favourite Gutermann thread, replace it with its rPET equivalent by matching the number on the top of your spool.

Topstitching thread is thicker than all-purpose sewing thread. It’s great for jeans hems, hand-sewing buttons and buttonholes and for mending leather, backpacks and outdoor gear. Gold top stitch thread (colour 968) is the perfect colour match for decorative topstitching on most jeans, giving you a professional result if you need to alter the length.


  • Made from recycled plastic beverage bottles, conserving resources and reducing CO2 emitted in the manufacturing process. Approximately 300m of rPET sew-all thread is produced from one PET beverage bottle.
  • Fade-resistant and colourfast
  • Suitable for machine sewing and hand sewing

NOTE: rPET recycled top stitch thread is hard to find and I'm one of a handful of stockists. I special-order it from Germany and supply can be irregular, so if you see your favourite colour here, snap it up while you can!

Made in Germany from 100% recycled polyester (rPET) thread on a new 100% polystyrene plastic spool. Click here to view the Gutermann rPET thread brochure.

For a thinner all-purpose sewing thread, try Gutermann rPET recycled polyester sew-all thread or Scanfil organic cotton sewing thread.