Chacopa erasable fabric-marking pen

Chacopa erasable fabric-marking pen
Chacopa erasable fabric-marking pen
Chacopa erasable fabric-marking pen

Chacopa erasable fabric-marking pen

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Say hello to the erasable yellow fabric pen, visible on pale and medium-blue denim – hooray!

This pen was invented in Japan from my dreams. Sort of. On page 148 of Modern Mending I talk about my inability to find a fabric-marking tool that shows up and stays put on denim. To quote Past Erin:
“A yellow disappearing paint pen would have been ideal if such a thing existed but it didn’t.”

But now it does!

Blue is the standard colour for water-erasable fabric markers (my favourite) but is useless on denim – in particular, for sashiko-inspired mending when stitch lines are essential. Chalk is a better option environmentally speaking, but it can easily rub off with sweat from your hands when you’re stitching for a long time.

The pen nib is comparable in size to the thick Clover water-erasable fabric-marking pen. Unlike the paint pen I invented in my dreams, the effect of this pen is more subtle. Photographs shown here were taken in daytime window light, but you might struggle to see yellow pen lines on denim at night under dim lighting conditions.

This pen is technically not water-erasable but it shares a key benefit: you decide when to remove the marks. It comes with its own eraser, so it’s handy for travel or when you’re on a mender bender and can’t be bothered to walk to the sink to get water.

If you bought this pen from a different shop, it would come with additional cardboard-and-plastic packaging that says:

"Note: Only use the eraser to remove; using water will cause the ink to spread.”

But I’ve purchased these pens from my supplier without additional packaging, at my request, so consider this your note!

NOTE: For best results test marking pens on an inconspicuous part of your garment first (e.g. an inside seam), as they can be difficult to remove from certain fabrics. Remove any marks before you iron, as heat could set them permanently.

Made in Japan (from my dreams) and supplied to me (and you) without packaging at my request.

Check out the full range of fabric-marking tools here.

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