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In Australia, we send millions of tonnes of clothing to landfill each year, and our clothing consumption is one of the highest in the world. But the good news is that mending is trending and it’s never been easier to repair and reinvent your favourite clothes.

Modern Mending is a comprehensive guide to mending your own clothes that combines creativity and sustainability. Inside you'll find:

  • step-by-step instructions for a range of mending techniques - stitching, darning, patching, needle felting and machine darning - with a troubleshooting section called "What could go wrong?" at the end of each tutorial
  • a quick-fix section for buttons, snags, ladders and zippers
  • 22 case studies of mended garments, with the story behind each repair and the techniques and materials used
  • interviews with eight inspirational modern menders from around the world, with photographs of their work
  • three amusing cat photos
  • two references to the Incredible Hulk
  • six cups of tea
  • a zillion helpful tips

NOTE: This is a signed copy of the book; please specify in the comments at checkout if you would like the inscription to be addressed to a particular person. If you would prefer no signature, you can specify that, too.


"Modern Mending is by far the favourite book I's never on the shelf, but rather always open, as any great book should be!"
-- Emma, via Goodreads

"The kind of book you want to immediately buy for everyone you know."
-- Sophie, via Goodreads

"Clothing waste is one of the greatest environmental issues we face today. This handy little book shows you how to extend the life of your clothing, preventing it from going to landfill."
-- Readings: 100 great reads from Australian women in 2020

"One of the very best 30 quid I've ever spent. I'd recommend it to anyone, not only are the techniques useful but it's written and illustrated well, very informative, has lots of inspiration in it and has already made me fix my favourite pair of 10 year old jeans. I can't wait to learn more and hopefully share with more people for maximum effect - I reckon this book can inspire anyone to get into mending."
-- Sarah, via Goodreads

"I love this book. It has very practical, easy to follow techniques, and some great ideas that are sure to inspire more great mends. I also love that she recommends making a cup of tea before each project. That is my kind of book!"
-- Jackie, via Goodreads

"Beautiful to look at and written so well, you'll wish you had a pile of mending. Imaginative, yet straightforward, with illustrations worthy of a picture frame. I was overjoyed to find a hole in a jumper having bought this book. Erin shows us the thrill and pleasure in wearing clothes that will last longer because of her creative ideas. You don't need to be a seamstress - this book will guide you in a light-hearted way through the process of improving your favourite clothes rather than sending them to landfill or the back of the cupboard."
-- Jacqueline, via Goodreads

"When I first sat down to read it and try my hand at mending my three-year-old's pants it felt like like Erin was holding my hand as I worked through the new-to-me techniques. And I really enjoyed the humour sprinkled throughout. Erin's book has a lot of photos and illustrations making it very easy to follow along. I appreciated the close-up photos and detailed step-by-steps provided. It was simple for me to figure out if I was doing something right or not. Her writing is down to earth and chatty but straightforward where it needs to be. You can tell from the text Erin is passionate about mending and reducing fashion waste. Modern Mending isn't only about mending; creativity, problem solving, and activism is also at the heart of this book.
... When I left the house for our afternoon walk I wanted to tell everyone we met I fixed my own jumper. I darned holes. I needle felted. I learnt a new skill. On reflection I think what I really wanted to tell people was I can look after my clothes and stop them from going to landfill, so can you. Visibly mending clothing is a growing trend and it's no wonder Erin's book is a popular resource leading the way."
-- Erin Rhoads, aka The Rogue Ginger

"There is a light-hearted, creative vibe flowing through this book; mending can be artistic, stylish, maybe quirky, and add to a garment’s charm. ... I picked up some nifty tricks: felting a patch on the garment using wool and a felting needle. Also, combing the fluff off a jumper to use for an invisible felted patch. Genius! Erin holds your hand with troubleshooting guides interspersed throughout the techniques. ... Modern Mending is clear and easy to understand, assumes nothing, is thorough and packed with tips. ... Modern Mending is a beautiful book, and will empower you to tackle any mending situation with skill and confidence. And style."
-- Elizabeth M Haywood, author of The Dressmaker's Companion and Zero Waste Sewing

"Really great contemporary book on clothes repair using a variety of techniques including Swiss darning, sashiko and needle felting. Includes tips from experts and honest advice about pros and cons of different techniques. The illustrations are really clear and the advice (including what to do when things go wrong, and when to take on projects) very practical. This book also has lots of personable tips that you won't get elsewhere - for example you should make a pot and not a cup of tea when you are about to sit down to darn as darning is a slow meditative activity and you don't want to ruin the flow by having to get up to make a new cup! Also the picture of the cat's arm on page 35 to demonstrate the ideal thread length for stitching is hilarious! This book's layout is simple and straightforward and will appeal to beginners. I am a middling clothes mender but learnt a lot of new things from it. Recommend."
-- Christina, via Goodreads

"A fantastic book on visible mending that provided a range of repair tactics, both ones I've encountered and attempted and ones I'd never even thought of before. Absolutely going to be referring back to this for inspiration on my ever growing mending pile!"
-- Len, via Goodreads

"Love this book. It is beautiful, clear and full of excellent technique and examples. It is both inspiring and practical, as well as helping keep things from landfill by making them better than before. Really keen to get cracking on actually mending after reading this book."
-- Emily, via Goodreads

"I got the book last week and was inspired to pull socks out of my fabrics scraps bag and try darning them. Success! I’ve four pairs I was going to replace, so that’s four mended pairs of socks not going to waste and $100 staying in my pocket because I spend too much on socks 😂. I used some darning wool Mum gave me years ago, so this didn’t cost anything! I LOVE this book. I’ve dabbled with visible mending for awhile but can now take it next level, and it would never have occurred to me to mend socks."
-- Cat, via Facebook

"Was a great and informative read. It was full of great ideas! With easy to understand instructions of basic and more complex mending techniques. Erin gives really clear instructions for the mending process and stresses the importance of why mending is important and how vital a cuppa is to the mending process. Loved this and can't wait to reference as I mend."
-- Brigitte, via Goodreads

"This is a beautifully presented book filled with practical advice, clear instructions for even the novice mender, all in an inspirational and often quirky approach. Highly recommended."
-- Rebecca, via Goodreads

"Modern Mending is amazing! A great ‘how to’ guidebook full of creative mending techniques and approaches with something for novice menders as well as mender extraordinaires, from basic darning techniques to needle felting and sashiko stitching. One of the best sustainable fashion books out there that not only provides step by step instructions, but essential tips like having a pot of tea on hand for every mending session and useful guidance on how to measure the ideal length of thread (one of my fav pages!). Grab this book, brew yourself a pot of tea and get mending!"
-- Bridget, via Goodreads

"Excellent resource and a joy to read, especially for a complete beginner like myself. Made a lot of repair and sewing methods really clear and is full of examples and inspiring ideas. I love that the book recommends starting on tea towels, because, after failing to find any that needed repair, I'm now practicing on the dog covers and blankets."
-- Wolverina, via Goodreads

"An excellent resource on mending with clear and inspirational photographic illustrations. I've mended for years and still found new information - using pilling to needle-felt over holes in jumpers is one I'll be using in future for invisible mending. The hemmed patch photos also show how that looks when finished - it's an old technique and I've read instructions on how to do that many times but now I understand them. The projects showing (mostly) visible mending are lovely. No need to throw your favourite clothes away ever again."
-- Irene, via Goodreads