EEZY Fabric Comb

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Invented in Australia in 1972, the EEZY Fabric Comb removes fuzz balls and pilling from clothing, furniture, felt, carpets and blankets, restoring them back to their former glory. It’s particularly effective on cashmere and thin, machine-knit clothing and blankets.


  • quick and easy to use for instant gratification
  • will last a lifetime
  • no batteries required
  • small size fits in any mending kit
  • depilling is a fun, soothing process with mental health benefits*

* sample size of one

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE: Modern Mending the book includes two pages of instructions on how this fabric comb can help you invisibly mend your knitwear.

Designed and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia, from plastic and brass, and packaged in cardboard and plastic.