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Love hand-stitching but hate knots and tangles? Let me introduce you to beeswax, your new best friend. The wax helps coat your thread, keeping it smooth and sturdy, and preventing sweary meltdowns. If you are a rebel who likes to hand-stitch with mystery thread (old, second-hand and/or of dubious quality), waxing can help make it more workable.

I don’t use beeswax every time I stitch, but I nearly always use it if I’m hand-stitching with machine-sewing thread. (And when I don’t use it, I’m usually shaking my fists at the sky, wondering why I didn’t just wax the *@!% thread in the first place.) If I'm darning with stranded embroidery floss, I use beeswax to stick all the strands together so I don't accidentally weave through them with my needle.

Beeswax smells delicious, and this 15g bite-sized piece fits perfectly in any mending or hand-sewing kit (but please don’t eat it, OK?). You can also use it to polish furniture or make beeswax food wraps (one 15g block is enough to make one average-sized food wrap).

100% beeswax made in Melbourne, Australia, by Melburnian bees, and repurposed by Rooftop Honey as a byproduct of their honeycomb harvest.

NOTE: This product is only available for shipping within Australia, as import restrictions vary and I don’t want you to be disappointed if it gets trapped at customs. If you’re not in Australia, try searching for beeswax in your local area, or for a vegan alternative try a bar of soap.