Water-soluble stabiliser – Aqua Web & Aqua Web Plus

Water-soluble stabiliser – Aqua Web & Aqua Web Plus
Water-soluble stabiliser – Aqua Web & Aqua Web Plus
Water-soluble stabiliser – Aqua Web & Aqua Web Plus
Water-soluble stabiliser – Aqua Web & Aqua Web Plus
Water-soluble stabiliser – Aqua Web & Aqua Web Plus

Water-soluble stabiliser – Aqua Web & Aqua Web Plus

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Water-soluble fabric stabiliser is embroiderers’ little secret: one of those wonder products you wonder how you ever lived without.

It’s not necessary for mending, but it is magical!

These are just some of the ways you can use it for mending: 

  • Taming stretchy things: Apply it to T-shirts, leggings and other stretchy things (over or under the area to be mended) to reduce curling and prevent wonky, warped stitches – without the extra bulk you might get from fusible web or fabric patches. Stitch through the fabric and stabiliser together, then dissolve the stabiliser with water when you’re done.
  • Fancy stitching: Trace a stitch design or sashiko grid onto stabiliser. Stitch fabric and stabiliser together and dissolve the stabiliser in water when you’re done. (See an example here.)
  • Mending jeans: Use stabiliser instead of a fabric patch when machine darning crotch holes, to avoid excess bulk and stiffness. Make sure the damage is completely covered with thread, then dissolve stabiliser in water when you're done.
  • DIY lace patches: Stitch onto stabiliser only (by hand or machine), then dissolve everything but the stitched threads. Lace makes great patch material, and DIY lace allows you to make as much or as little as you need, with more creative possibilities. (Click here for a fantastic example by Staci Katie.)

Choose from two options:

  • Aqua Web needs to be temporarily fastened to fabric with stitches, pins and/or an embroidery hoop.
  • Aqua Web Plus has a sticky side that adheres to fabric (no stitches, pins or hoops required) and disposable backing paper.

Or try both and see which you prefer. Aqua Web Plus's adhesive backing makes it easier and quicker to use but less environmentally friendly (because of the backing paper).

Because this product dissolves in water, it’s nearly always sold in plastic packaging to keep it dry, and in large quantities. To provide the most environmentally friendly option possible, I purchase it in bulk rolls, cut to size (21x25cm sheets) and wrap it in 100% recycled aluminium foil when I pack your order to keep it dry (multiple sheets can fit in one foil packet).

NOTE: Aqua Web dissolves completely in water. Make sure your hands are dry before handling.

Made in Taiwan and repackaged in Australia (by me) in 100% recycled aluminium foil.

For larger quantities (or if Aqua Web Plus is sold out), try Sulky Stick 'n Stitch.

For stabiliser with preprinted stitch patterns, try Sewing with Kate’s sashiko-inspired mending kit or Wrenbirdart’s moth mending transfers.

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I choose to reuse

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My tags and labels are stamped by hand onto compostable paper tape or preloved cardboard packaging.

I buy recycled packaging

If I don’t have suitable second-hand packaging to use for your order, my next priority is packaging made from recycled materials. It's important to me to support Australian companies making good products from our recyclables, and to make sure that material gets a second life.


I use compostable, gummed kraft-paper tape to seal my parcels whenever possible. I have a second-hand tape wetter that I love, purchased from my local op shop. Gummed paper tape is available at most art-supply shops if you want to make the switch yourself!

Express Post orders will have official plastic "Express Post" tape added.

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Individual product packaging

Every item for sale on this website has its packaging components listed and in most cases photographed, so you can make an informed decision.

Upstream packaging

When I speak to my suppliers I specifically ask that my orders be supplied to me without plastic packaging, whenever possible, to avoid waste and single-use plastic. This isn’t always possible, but I’ll keep asking, forever.

Here's how one of my suppliers has my name recorded in its database:



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