Clover protect and grip thimble

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A thimble has two jobs: it protects your finger from needle abuse when hand-stitching, and the hard surface helps you push a needle through thick fabric layers. I don’t always use a thimble, but when I’m hand-stitching denim, canvas, leather, plastic or neoprene (wetsuit material) it’s a lifesaver. This is one of the best Western-style thimbles I’ve found; it’s far more comfortable to wear than the classic rigid metal thimble (you might even forget you’re wearing it), but the metal tip means you get you the best of both worlds.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Flexible silicone for a better fit
  • Vegan
  • Great for sashiko mending projects
  • Great for stitching through denim, leather and other sturdy fabrics, or multiple layers of fabric
  • Prevents bloody/sore fingers!

This thimble comes in three sizes: small – 14.5mm diameter (orange), medium – 15.5mm diameter (pink) and large – 17mm diameter (yellow). Small is great for kid fingers (start ‘em young!) and slender adult fingers, large is best for big fingers or if you want to wear a thimble on your thumb, and medium is best for everyone else. Which finger you wear it on comes down to personal choice.

Made in Japan from silicone and metal and packaged in cardboard and plastic by the manufacturer.