Clover water-soluble pencils

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Chalk pencils are handy tools for drawing stitch lines, outlines and cut lines on fabric. These are nicer than your usual chalk pencils; they’re smooth and glide over fabric easily, not dry and crumbly. Marks wash away with water.

Each set comes with three pencils – white, pink and blue – so you can choose the colour that shows up best on any given mending or sewing project. (I recently used these during a mask-making frenzy to mark pleat folds and nose-wire sections; the multiple colour options came in handy for the large range of fabric colours I used.)

NOTE: For best results test pencils on an inconspicuous part of your garment first (e.g. an inside seam), as they can be difficult to remove from certain fabrics. Remove any marks before you iron, as heat could set them permanently.

Made in Japan and packaged with paper instructions in a plastic sleeve by the manufacturer.

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