Embroidery hoop – bamboo

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Embroidery hoops keep fabric smooth and taut, to help you achieve better tension when stitching, darning and patching.

Ideally your hoop should be larger than the area you’re mending. Choose here from my two favourite sizes to mend with: 15cm or 10cm diameter.

Embroidery hoops are designed to be used with woven (non-stretch) fabrics. When mending or embroidering stretch fabrics, I recommend attaching water-soluble stabiliser first, to prevent crying and/or swearing.

To use:

  1. Unscrew the hoop to loosen it (without removing the screw).
  2. Remove the outer hoop and place your fabric over the inner hoop, with the area to be mended framed in the centre.
  3. Place the outer hoop over the top of the fabric (you might need to unscrew it a bit further to make it fit). Tighten the screw until the fabric is secure.
  4. Pull the fabric taut but not too tight along the warp (vertical) and weft (horizontal) threads. When mending a hole or rip (not just a threadbare area), be careful not to overstretch your fabric in the hoop or your stitching will become floppy and distorted once the hoop is removed.

Made from bamboo with a metal screw and fitting. Note: this item is delivered to you without packaging, but when it arrives at Modern Mending HQ every pack of 10 is wrapped in plastic. I’ve listed it in the plastic-free collection but thought it was worth noting.

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