Gutermann jeans thread 100m

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Do you have holes in the crotch, thigh or seat of your jeans? (I’m betting you do, because it’s the number-one mending problem I get asked about).

Gutermann jeans thread is a specialty polyester/cotton-blend sewing thread with blue and white tones, making it ideal for blended mends on denim, when you don’t ever want anyone to know about or pay attention to the area you've mended. Use it to repair jeans with a sewing machine, overlocker or by hand. I have a collection of blue threads that I use for invisibly mending denim, and I use this thread most often because its multicoloured appearance means it blends in with more fabrics, including faded denim with multiple shades of blue.

This thread is hard to get a hold of and I have to special-order it from Germany, so supply is irregular. (If you have an unmentionable-hole situation now, don’t wait to find your mending mojo before you order it, because it might not be here when you need it.)

Want to see how it’s done? Modern Mending the book includes 20 pages of detailed instructions on machine darning – the strongest, most invisible method for mending crotch holes in jeans.

Made in China from 70% polyester / 30% cotton, on a plastic spool.