Nuno Deco pen – sparkly fabric marker for covering stains

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Do you have stains or discolouration that can't be removed? Fight them with sparkle power with these Japanese marking pens.

The gold pen has good coverage and the silver pen is slightly more sheer. Both pens are suitable for cotton and linen fabrics (including cotton and linen blends) and paper. They might not adhere well to some fabrics (e.g. brushed fabrics and synthetics) and can sometimes cause bleeding (e.g. delicate silky fabrics); spot testing is recommended.

To use:

  1. Shake the pen well. Lightly press it against scrap paper several times, soak the pen tip with ink, then try writing. If the ink is not mixed properly, it may bleed or the original colour may not appear. If too much ink or colour or a thin liquid comes out, wipe it off with a tissue or similar.
  2. Once the pen has passed the paper test, shake well again and test on an inconspicuous part of the garment, such as an inside seam. If bleeding appears on the fabric, discontinue use.
  3. Shake the pen well again, then create your mendy masterpiece.
  4. Wait until the ink is fully dry, then iron with a pressing cloth or piece of scrap fabric between the iron and your design, at the garment’s recommended temperature setting, to set the design and prevent fading with washing. (When decorating paper, there's no need to iron.)
  5. Wash and wear as usual. Washing the item inside a washing bag will help the design to last longer.

For best results store the pen with the pen tip facing up, keep the ink out of reach of children, and do not place the painted garment in direct sunlight or near a heat source.

Made in Japan and packaged in a plastic sleeve.

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