OdiCoat laminating glue gel for fabric - waterproof and washable

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This water-based glue gel adds an oilcloth or waxed-canvas finish to fabric, making it water-resistant, stain-resistant and UV-resistant. It can be used to restore water resistance on outdoor gear and fabrics, or to add water resistance to fabric, lace and cardboard.

A hidden benefit of OdiCoat is that it eliminates fabric fraying; you can use it to create waterproof patches in precise shapes with no need for seams or turned edges. I’ve used it to create waterproof bias binding and patches to repair a rain jacket (pictured).

OdiCoat is suitable for hats, jackets, bunting, umbrellas, purses, tote bags, toiletry bags and shower caps.

It can be used for food-related projects with indirect food contact only: aprons, bibs, tablecloths, placemats, etc. It is not suitable for food wraps, thick velvet, suede or embossed fabrics; you must wrap foods before placing them in an OdiCoat-treated bag.


  • makes fabric resistant to water, stains and UV rays
  • fabric can be stitched after treatment
  • fabric is machine washable in warm water
  • transparent and colourless
  • acid-free
  • bisphenol-free


  1. Wash and dry fabric before treating it with OdiCoat.
  2. Place fabric on a flat, protected, non-stick work surface.
  3. Spread a thin layer of OdiCoat onto fabric with a flat paintbrush or card (an old plastic gift card or credit card is ideal). Allow to dry for 20-60 minutes and clean your brush with water.
  4. Repeat as desired for up to three coats.
    1 coat: the fabric is protected, water repellent. Area of coverage: 3 m²
    2 coats: the fabric is coated, with a coated canvas look. Coverable surface area: 2 m²
    3 coats: the fabric is waterproof, with a waxed canvas look. Coverable surface area: 1.8 m²
  5. After your final coat, let fabric dry completely for 24 hours.
  6. Iron fabric with parchment paper or baking paper once dry to cure and complete the waterproofing process.

Once treated and ironed, the fabric can be sewn, cut and machine washed at 30°C. (OdiCoat can also be applied to stitch lines and stitch holes after fabric is sewn, to enhance water resistance.)

For best results, test OdiCoat on new materials before use.

Made in France and packaged in a plastic tub with screw-top lid. OdiCoat usually comes with a new plastic card to help you spread it, but I send back the cards for environmental reasons. An old plastic gift card or credit card works just as well.