Prym needle threader for embroidery, sashiko, tapestry and darning needles

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This is my favourite needle threader ever. It has one job (to help you thread your needle more easily) and it does that job superbly, without breaking. Unlike classic needle threaders made with wire, this is a sturdy stainless-steel plate that won’t fall apart when threading thick thread and yarn.

This needle threader is made for needles with long eyes (3mm+), such as embroidery, sashiko, tapestry and darning needles. It’s too large to use with most traditional hand-sewing needles but works well with:


  • Does its job without breaking (gosh, it’s a low bar, but it’s true!)
  • Suitable for thin and thick threads, including sashiko thread, embroidery thread, mending yarn and knitting wool
  • Two open hooks (3mm and 6mm wide) suit different needle sizes
  • Hole in the middle allows for attachment to a necklace or thread so it’s less likely to become lost
  • Sticks to magnets, for those who use magnets in their mending kits or for pin/needle storage

Made in China from stainless steel and packaged in a cardboard sleeve by the manufacturer.

Need help threading smaller needles? The Prym Combi Card comes with a needle threader, or try Clover self-threading needles.