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Do you have holes in your clothes and don't know how to fix them? Would you prefer to learn mending from a human and not a book?

Learn how to make your clothes better than new with me, professional mender Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald, author of the book Modern Mending, in this fun, interactive course.

Mend with new friends and get motivated to bust through your mending mountain!


  • Wide range of mending techniques: Learn visible and invisible mending methods – including hand stitching, patching, darning and needle felting  and how and when to combine them.
  • Live format: Ask questions and have them answered right away, and chat with other students and see what they're mending. Former students say the live-session format increases motivation; by making time for mending, you're more likely to get it done.
  • Hand cam: Watch my hands at work while I demonstrate mending tools and techniques.
  • Magic computer: Watch me draw on students' before photos (damaged items that need mending) and illustrate specific mending solutions.
  • Course textbook: Reinforce and expand on what you learn in class with the course textbook, which you can refer to at any time.


The course is suitable for ages 15 and up; no mending experience is required.


Class sessions will be recorded and available for viewing for up to two weeks after each session.

Our textbook

Modern Mending is the course textbook (my dream come true!) and we will be referring to it often. If you don't already have a copy, you can purchase it here or from your favourite local bookseller.  

Please ensure you have a copy before the course begins, either an Australian edition (ISBN 9781925972290) or UK/US edition (ISBN 9781782219606).

Class dates & times

Sunday evenings, 6-8pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (UTC + 10), x 6 sessions.
Click here to find the local time conversion for your region.

The first five sessions are devoted to specific techniques. The last session is open, where you can work on your mending projects with my guidance.

  • 18 July 2021: introduction + hand stitching
  • 25 July 2021: patching
  • 1 August 2021: darning part 1
  • 8 August 2021: darning part 2
  • 15 August 2021: needle felting
  • 22 August 2021: open session

This course doesn't cover machine darning, as I can't provide sewing machines or safely supervise your use of them online. But I've written incredibly detailed machine-darning instructions in the book, should you wish to learn it.

Course kit

I've created a starter kit (optional) that I will mail to Australian students in July before the course begins. 

You're welcome to purchase only the individual items you need from this shop, upgrade to fancier supplies if you wish, or get similar supplies locally if you're not in lockdown/quarantine.

Any physical items ordered at the same time as the kit (e.g. a book or additional supplies) will be shipped with the kit in July.

Kit contents (colours and fabrics will vary):

* If you're vegan, let me know in the comments at checkout and I'll substitute the animal products for vegan ones.

Not included in the kit / please BYO (but if you are stuck in quarantine or lockdown and can't get these things, let me know):

  • cup or pot of tea
  • computer with a decent internet connection and webcam or a smartphone that can run Zoom teleconferencing software
  • clothes or other fabric in need of mending
  • sharp scissors (ideally one pair for fabric/thread only and another to cut cardboard and sticky stuff)
  • safety pins or fabric pins
  • tea towel or other tightly woven cotton fabric to use as a mending sampler
  • small piece of thin cardboard (e.g. cereal box or business card) to use as a patch template
  • clothes iron
  • Modern Mending, the course textbook

Optional tools and materials:


Terms & conditions

If you wish to withdraw from this course, you must notify me at least 7 days before the course begins in order to obtain a refund. Refund requests may be submitted to - a refund will be made less a $10 administration charge.

No refunds will be provided for class kits or books, and no partial refunds will be provided for missed sessions.

In the event of a course cancellation all fees will be refunded in full.