Little House denim-style leather thimble

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A thimble has two jobs: it protects your finger from needle abuse when hand-stitching, and the firm surface helps you push a needle through thick fabric layers. I don’t always use a thimble, but when I’m hand-stitching denim, canvas, leather, plastic or neoprene (wetsuit material) it’s a lifesaver.

This denim-look leather thimble from Japan is my all-time favourite thimble because it’s so comfortable – I sometimes forget I’m wearing it. I’ve had mine for over 15 years and whenever it’s gone missing I’ve had a small panicky meltdown.


  • Comfortable to wear

  • Flexible leather stretches to accommodate your finger for a better fit

  • Great for sashiko mending projects

  • Great for stitching through denim, leather and other sturdy fabrics, or multiple layers of fabric

  • Prevents bloody/sore fingers!

This thimble is a size medium, which should fit slender and average-sized adult fingers. Which finger you wear it on comes down to personal choice – I wear this one on my index or middle finger. 

Made in Japan from leather and packaged with cardboard and paper in a clear plastic sleeve by the manufacturer.

For a large thimble or vegan alternative try the Clover protect and grip thimble.